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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Update to Jaw Surgery Update

I found some pics that I had taken about a week after my surgery and just thought I would post them for whoever was doing research about Orthognathic Surgery (see previous surgery posts as well). Even though I looked fairly normal, I was in a ton of pain for about 3 weeks before the swelling really started to go down. Seeing these pics might make you feel a little bit better though. The best advice I can give you is to take Advil (3-4) every 4-6 hours and keep ice on your face at ALL times. This helps with the swelling and the faster the swelling goes down, the less bruising you get and the better you feel.

Day 7: This was me before my 1 week follow up appointment with the surgeon. Disclaimer: he did say that I was healing a lot faster than most other people who had the same types of surgeries. And he was surprised that I was already looking so good.

These next pics were taken the next 8 days after surgery.

I really hard to work hard to smile...almost exhausting...and I couldn't get each side to work at the same time.

Day 10

View of the contraption holding my mouth together. Not visible: 16 screws, four metal plates and a piece of human bone.

Approximately 12 Days After the Surgery

The Only Outward incisions that were made, one on each side. The inside of my mouth was totally mutilated though.

I you are thinking about having the surgery, I hope these pictures help you make whatever
decision is right for you. Good luck!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Weddings Do Not Equal Gymboree

We requested no children at our wedding. Not that they always ruin things, but the potential for disaster is certainly there. Some family members were a little upset at first, but we were getting married in a historic property and opted to tell people "It's a grown up party and will be very late and we will be serving alcohol and its just too much of a liability to invite children"...making only one exception for one of my bridesmaids who had a newborn and was coming in from out of town.

I believe that it is the couple's preferrence, our's happened to be no and I think it is ridiculous that a guest would argue that. I've been to weddings before where kids screamed the whole time, messing up the video another, a nine year old girl decided that she wanted cake before it was time to cut it and stuck her hand it AND knocked it on the floor. How bad would you have felt if that was your kid? It could happen to anyone, I don't care how well-behaved you think your kids are.

People spend a lot of money on weddings and want them to go well. Knowing that at least those types of situations could be avoided, we had no problem saying no. If people still bring their kids, knowing that they are not welcome, they should be asked to leave...Same with plus ones who weren't invited, but that's a whole different story. It's your party and you're paying for it and it should be how you want it. If they can't oblige, maybe they shouldn't come either.

It makes me kind of sad for those parents who can't stand to be away from their kids for ONE night. Do you not have any identity away from them? We get it, you're a mother, but seriously one night apart would probably be best for both of you. Take the request with grace and hire a sitter. You don't see me cutting in line in front of your kid for the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Definitely Worth It!

The surgery was definitely worth it. I can't imagine not doing it now. I was terrified before hand because it just sounds weird and invasive. They had to completely detach my upper jaw from my skull, break it in half, put bone grafting material in the roof of my mouth and reattach everything with four metal plates and 16 screws. The surgeons moved my bottom jaw back and straightened it; it is attached with 4 screws on each side. It all just really sounds gross!

Anyway, after I got over that and just let it happen and trust that my surgeon knew what he was doing, things got much better. I went back to work after only one week. I wore ice packs all day, but I was there. The best thing I did was keep a steady supply of Advil in my body. As soon as it started to wear off, I would notice the swelling starting again. I also took liquid vitamins, so that I would heal faster. Honestly, the worst part about the recovery wasn't the was having my mouth wired shut and not being able to eat, especially since it was during Christmas.

Before my surgery, my teeth were really crooked because my mouth was too small, now they are perfectly straight and I love it! I also would get migraines because of the tension in my bite because my teeth didn't line up and now as long as I wear my retainers at night, my headaches are pretty much gone. I went into the surgery expecting it to be horrific and luckily for me, it turned out better than expected. It wasn't a pleasant experience by any means, but I'm so happy that I went through with it and if I had it to do all over again I would. Good luck!!

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Elephant (Wo)man

As some of you may know, I went in for Orthognathic Surgery this past Tuesday...all I have to say, is that it has been my best (and therefore only) experience with totally invasive, mind-numbingly painful, terrible, awful, no-good, very bad surgery. I'm sure that there are plenty of things that are worse, such as getting your foot stuck in a bear trap or having a pack of small chihuahuas nibble off each of your fingers one by one. But trust me, this was no cake walk. I'm sure it's up there with childbirth and Chinese water torture.

This has been one of the worst experiences of my life...and sadly enough, it is all voluntary. There was no one that forced me into the hospital bed and held me down against my will. No, I showed up, early mind you, and eagerly awaited for the doctor to shred my delicate mouth skin with an exacto knife and break my bones and then wire my mouth shut so that I had to spend the whole week at home watching food network in absolute agony. What I wouldn't give for a chicken finger right now!

Obviously, I knew that they weren't going to use a magical surgery wand that they wave over your face, spreading pixie dust and perfection everywhere (if they do, I want the patent). I just didn't know that it was going to be this damn uncomfortable. This hurts, that's right, this hurts a lot and I'm not afraid to say it. Moving on...

I had an interior cross bite with an under bite, as well. See exhibit A below...

My lower jaw was offset to the left and my teeth criss-crossed. My bottom jaw protruded quite a bit and my upper jaw was very narrow. I have been told from the age of 6 or 7 that I would need to have surgery, but honestly it never bothered me. I liked the way I looked and only considered it after I got braces. The jaw pain and teeth grinding increased. I was going through a bite guard almost every month. Plus, I was told that if I were to get my braces off, then my teeth would just go back to the way they were because none of my jaw problems could be fixed without surgery.

This was a self portrait taken the night before the surgery. I'm not exaggerating the cross bite, but I'm not trying to hide it at all in this pic. Normally in pictures, I would slightly open my mouth and point my chin down to correct it.

Anyway, like I said I showed up to the hospital at 6 am. Like a naive little baby bird, I answered all the questions with a smile on my face and hope in my voice. (see below)

I met with several nurses and the anesthesiologist and finally my surgeon came in to go over any last minute questions. Of course, I couldn't think of any on the spot (my best advice: write down every question or concern and keep an on-going list to ask your surgeon). Then, they took my underwear (a girl feels very vulnerable without her underwear), hooked me up to a bunch of machines, shot some stuff that they jokingly called a margarita into the tube and whisked me into the OR. I remember lights and people talking to me and sticking things to me. Luckily, I was out before they put the catheter in (from what I have heard, that's "the worst part"). I call bullshit...

I woke up five hours later with someone else messing with me. I don't think I was supposed to be awake yet. They took out the catheter, which just felt like being hit "down there" with a giant rubber band. Don't get me wrong, it hurt, but it was not and definitely hasn't been the "worst part." At that point, I think they put me back under and I woke up again in a surprisingly cozy hospital room feeling quite lovely. See Below...

Not only did I look like a beast, I started acting like one too. I was sooooo hot (literally and figuratively, as you can see). The nurse had put little booties on me legs that were squeezing me repeatedly and like five blankets. I was still coming out of the meds, but I knew I didn't like what was going on. So, I started screaming unintelligible words (unintelligible to them at least, I felt I was being very clear indeed) and kicking my legs violently. My mom brought me a beautifully blinged out magna doodle that my friend Amber made for me and I wrote hot and pain. They took off those damn booties and basically stripped me down, gave me a shot of something fabulous and I think I was out shortly there after. Until they made me try to eat...

Shortly after which, I needed this...

Because I projectile vomited blood everywhere (including on my magna doodle). They had given me a little dentist sucky tube thing and I just used it like a vacuum to clean myself and most everything else up. Apparently, a lot of blood had drained into my stomach during surgery and the surgeon couldn't get a tube down my throat to suck it out. But I do feel the affects of said tube to this day. My throat constantly hurts, I blame the tube.

One week and lots of drugs later, here I sit about to go to my 1st follow-up appointment. Unfortunately, I fear that the worst is still to come. I loathe this little piece of plastic evilness that they have affixed to my teeth. It is a constant source of pain. Not to mention the swelling which, minus the lip plumping effects that I would have eagerly bought by the tube, makes my head feel like it is constantly expanding until one day it will just pop like an over-boiled egg.

I attempted to go to Walmart the other night and people just stared like I was Quasimodo. I did go at 3 am, which is a time that I suspect several Quasimodos would be tromping the aisles of Walmart...maybe that was the confusion. Anyway...

But now I must leave you, for I have sufficiently covered the key board in drool because my lips are numb and not as saliva-retentive as they once were. I will keep you updated on my progress. Thanks again to everyone who sent me cards and flowers and gifts and support and messages. That is one thing that really makes this whole ordeal more bearable.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mama Emily's Famous Grilled Chicken

I wouldn't necessarily call myself a great cook, but I have mastered a few things in my 25 years. One of which is chicken. Not like it's hard, but I make the best tasting chicken this side of the Rio Grande. (I think that's south of here. Yea, public school!) Here is my top secret recipe. If this is not the best chicken you have ever tasted, then you're probably just doing it wrong.


Chicken Breasts
Balsamic Vinegar
Olive Oil
Garlic Salt
Black Pepper

Tools Needed:

Baking Dish
Basting Brush

First, preheat oven to 350 degrees and start heating your grill.

Next, put chicken in the baking dish and add one part olive oil and two parts balsamic vinegar; season generously with basil, garlic salt, and black pepper (the liquid should almost cover the entire bottom of the baking dish. Bake at 350 for about 5 minutes.

Then, remove the chicken from the oven and brush both sides with the liquid; retain liquid for grilling. Place chicken on heated grill, flip often and brush on the remaining liquid from the baking dish; continue until done (times vary due to crazy growth hormones that have produced massive chickens, which in turn produce massive chicken breasts).

Last, serve with veggies, a fresh sprig of rosemary and a glass of sweet red wine, like a Shiraz.


Friday, March 02, 2007

I'm BAaaack!

Sorry that its been so long since I have posted. I got a promotion at work and don't have as much "free time" now. I know you missed me...Or did you!?

I have many things to the short:

1. Christmas was great, lots of gift cards, getting a Dyson (yea!)
2. January--not much happened that I can remember, we had snow in Texas
3. Valentine's Day--my sweet boyfriend freaked me out with an engagement-looking ring. I still have nightmares about it, but I love my ring...oh yeah, and him too
4. Sing Song! Terrible!! Except for the Kai-O's who were amazing! I'm so proud!! But they really have to do something about the hosts and hostesses; they must be stopped
5. This weekend, going to the North Texas Irish Festival. yes, Gracie is going and I reserve the right to put a green feather boa on her

I'll keep posting because I know that my public needs me!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Back to My Statue Infatuation...

Caption: Me and Ashbel sharing a moment...too bad Kara had to horn in!

Monday, December 04, 2006

I Call Him Stampy!

I believe that his real name is Bone Crusher and that he is actually a she, but I had to get in that Simpsons reference.

This weekend, my boyfriend and I went to visit some friends of mine in Galveston. They have this festival called Dickens on the Strand. People get dressed up and some spend thousands of dollars on costumes and get really into it, which was somewhat alarming at times, but still a lot of fun...I didn't really get any pictures of them. I was more impressed with the animals. This little guy is an Alpaca:

I call him Fred...I'm sure that you may call him whatever you wish (I hear that he's easy).
This was Stampy's (a.k.a. Bone Crusher's) brother and or sister:

He/she didn't look that sad in real life. I think it might have been the flash from the camera...I hope...

All in all, it was a pretty good weekend, we drank guhlwine (pronounced glue-vine). I was hot spiced red wine. Pretty good stuff....And, also ate a ton of food, including these Twirly Taters that everyone mocked me for getting until they tried them. It was a cross between a chip and a fry. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture.

Disclaimer: Do NOT ask me, "What is on your feet?!," unless you have a death wish. It brings back bad memories of very cute shoes that turned on me and gave me very painful blisters that I couldn't drink away. So, I got emergency socks (the fluffiest that I could find) and Cowgirled-Up and worked them even through all the tears and fits of cussing. I feel that I am a stronger person now because of it and I will use it as a learning experience.

Moral of the Story: Sittin' Shoes are the Prettiest!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Trick or Treat!

This year, Gracie wanted to be something unique for Halloween...Last year the lady bug was cute, but so unoriginal:

This year she wants to take a more unconventional approach. Here is choice Number One, Doggie Bag:

She tried to break free:

She was kinda getting upset with me by this point. This is her pissed off face. She's not growling, just whining, but she looks mad:

Next, this is choice Number Two, Little-House-on-the-Prarie-Dog:

Or maybe Aunt Jaemima:

She needs your help...Vote!


Ok, this is my latest pumpkin acquisition. Its called a fairy tale pumpkin.

Daniel bought it for me when we went to Central Market on Saturday morning. I have never been more excited about a pumpkin before in my entire life. I had to have it!

Here it is after I cleaned it with tire shine (it sounded like a good idea at the time):

And from a different angle:

But, this angle looks like a butt, and I didn't want ya'll to think I got a butt pumpkin...Its a beautiful pumpkin regardless.

My plan for this one is to draw huge pearly swirls all over it. Its a big task. I hope to get it done by Halloween. I'll keep you updated.

Swirly Pumpkin

Ok, so I did this one with a paint brush, because I was too lazy to go buy paint pens...So, its a little messy in some spots, but if you squint while you are looking at it you hardly notice.

It also has some Swarovski crystal rhinestones on it that I had left over from another project. You can really only see them in person. This pumpkin is not very photogenic, but has a lot of personality.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Even the Monkeys Got Mavs Fever!

This will be me on Thursday night...

...British accent and all!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pumpkin Couture

I like decorating for holidays...Scratch that...I LOVE decorating for holidays! I don't go to the dollar store and buy tinsely garland and sit-around-crap. I prefer to have just a few great and interesting pieces that stand out.

I went to a pumpkin patch on Sunday and spent a good half hour picking out my three perfect pumpkins. I'm going to decorate them all as I receive inspiration.

I started with the littlest one. It was so cute before I started, but now its 100 times cuter!

Here's a picture of it without the feather, but it shows you how small and cute it is compared to the other pumpkins:

I'm also going to apply a shimmer glaze, but I'm gonna have to wait until I paint the others because it makes such a mess and I'd rather do them all at once.

Stay tuned for more pumpkin cuteness! For the next one, I'm thinking rhinestones....

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Tribute to Gizmo

Gizmo, you are so sweet. The eyes say it all. Though you were often misunderstood for being so vocal, you always lived life to the fullest and brought such joy.

At first you were scared of me for two reasons beyond my control, but then you came to accept them and would let me hold you, but mostly for protection from Gracie and usually only when your momma was busy with something else. How you would bark at Gracie. Whether you were playing along or cussing her out, we both always loved to see you. We love you and will miss you.

Gizmo Turskey Vaught passed on October 9th, 2006 after a long, brave battle with cancer. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. He was truly loved and will be missed greatly.

Monday, September 25, 2006

I Have a Confession...

I have an overwhelmingly strong obsession that makes me pose with statues. I've been this way since I was a little kid. I see one, and I just can't stop myself. Even if I don't have a camera, I still have to go and sit or stand by it at least. Although they do make for good myspace pictures, I feel that this behavior may be abnormal. Don't judge me. I'm sure everyone has their own strange little compulsions...Please share.